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Is "quoting a quote" useless in a graduation thesis?

Is "quoting a quote" illegal in a graduation thesis?

I want to "quote quote" the graduation thesis because it is troublesome ...
What is a "quote quote" in the first place? I often hear it, but many people don't understand it.
For example, when writing a graduation thesis, I often refer to some kind of book, but the content of the book that the reference book referred to is written in the treatise.
If you quote from the parent, if you quote what the parent is quoting, it will be a "quote quote".
It seems that there is also a "quote of a quote quote" that is further derived from "quote of a quote".
Is "quoting a quote" in a graduation thesis absolutely useless?
In conclusion, "quoting citations" of graduation thesis is not allowed. If there is at least one "quote", it is "out".
Because if there is a book that you refer to, if you don't read that book, the facts can be wrong.
Therefore, if you want to "cite a citation", you must read the book "quoting a citation", cite it as a parent, and clearly indicate the citation using quotation marks.
There is only one "quote quote" and it is a serious fraud. Let's be careful.
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Now, let's set aside some rules for treatise production such as "citation of citations". This is an introduction to this site.
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