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Thesis data, is it OK to make mistakes?

What if there are mistakes or errors in my thesis data?

What if there is a mistake in the data of my thesis?
My thesis data is going to have mistakes (errors). What will happen if a mistake occurs? It seems that many people are worried about this.
In fact, if you have a lot of misspellings and omissions, there is a possibility that you will make mistakes in your data. There are also inadvertent mistakes.
However, data errors are unacceptable in a thesis. This is because it is impossible to distinguish whether it is a mistake or an alteration.
You have to be very careful about the data you put in your thesis material so that there are no mistakes. There is no room for error.
Can I submit my thesis data even if there are mistakes?
So, can I still submit my thesis even if there are mistakes in the data? As it turns out, yes, you can.
However, the result will depend on where you submit it. First, if you submit it as a confirmation to your professor, he or she will point out the mistake.
They will point out your mistakes and order you to correct them. However, if the professor does not see the mistake and submits it to the university, you are in trouble.
The university will check the data properly. If your mistakes are exposed here, you will not be able to graduate in the worst case scenario.
How to get a completed paper
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