List of Thesis > For those who want to use LGBT as their thesis topic.

For those who want to use LGBT as their thesis topic.

I want to use sexual minorities (GLTB, LGBTQ) as my thesis topic.

Want to use LGBT as your thesis topic?
In recent years, the LGBT has been gaining attention. They are also known as sexual minorities.
In the U.S., it has already become one of the main issues in the presidential election and has been attracting more and more attention in recent years, although it is not yet widely recognized in Japan.
In Japan, Shibuya Ward has started a partner recognition system for homosexuals, and it is gaining momentum.
It seems that more and more students are thinking about using LGBT as a theme for their thesis. So what kind of thesis should I write?
How to write a thesis on LGBT issues?
Basic information about LBGT, such as "L" stands for lesbian, is already "known", so it will only help you get more words for your paper.
If anything, you can make your paper more "thesis-like" by combining it with a variety of topics, such as "LGBT x advertising marketing" or "LGBT x social networking.
If you take one of your department's themes and cross it with LGBT, it can become a research topic for your thesis.
It goes without saying that you should examine previous research and discuss something that has not already been studied.
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