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Is it OK to lie, falsify data, or fabricate in a thesis?

Is it okay to fudge data in a graduation thesis?

It is OK to falsify or improve data in your thesis as long as it is minimal.
It is a common practice for reporters to adjust the "approval rating" of the cabinet in "opinion polls" conducted by newspapers and other media.
There is no reason why you should not do this only in your thesis. It is common to falsify data in order to make it look better.
In fact, as a company employee, you will often see this kind of behavior being rampant. Even when passing a proposal at a company, it is common to revise upward the sales and sales volume estimates that form the basis of the proposal.
A thesis is also a preparation for becoming a company employee, so it is better to improve the data, if only minimally, in order to make it look better.
University professors are not allowed to say such things, even if they can't talk about it. This is because they will get flamed or punished. They blatantly state, "You can't tamper with your thesis work. However, the reality is that in any society, even in such companies, numbers are revised upward. There is no such thing as a bad thesis.
But isn't it "wrong" to lie or fabricate in a thesis?
I don't think university students understand this yet, but in society, there are "real intentions" and "pretense. In "tatemae," you have to say what you really think. If you don't, you will be kicked out of the society.
On Twitter and other social networking sites, there are many cases of people fudging data in their thesis or saying, "I can't be your agent! On Twitter and other social media, there are a lot of people who say, "I can't do this!
But in my heart of hearts, I know. Like polls, or sales forecasting by company employees, such practices are common in the world. We know what we really think, but we have to oppose it on the front. This is the way the Japanese have created "good human relations.
It is not "wrong" to write a thesis on behalf of someone else or to falsify data. However, we should not blindly believe in the pretense. If you are going to be a company employee, you should develop an eye for the "truth.
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