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Is it good to have a thesis full of citations!

Too many citations in my graduation thesis? Is it okay to have a thesis full of citations?

Is it OK to have a thesis full of citations?
When you write your thesis, you don't have much to write about, so you end up with a lot of quotations. But is this okay?
As it turns out, it is. Even a thesis full of quotations is OK as long as it has substance.
The problem is when you are blatantly "copying and pasting" to increase the number of words. This is a moral issue, and not very desirable.
It is OK to cite references from the Internet until you have a lot of quotations, but if you continue to copy and paste endlessly without writing your own opinions or conclusions, your thesis is a "clipping" and not a "thesis. Be careful.
Some people say that you should not quote from the Internet, but some information is only available on the Internet. In today's information society, it is quite natural to rely on information from the Internet. Therefore, to a certain extent, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of quotations.
The age is the "Internet society. It is natural that many of the quotations in my thesis are from the Internet.
The spread of IT has been remarkable. Many professors are probably not up to date with these changes.
People who are old enough to be professors at universities used to have to read books as reference material. Many of them say, "I don't want to be on the Internet..." because it is so ingrained in their minds.
However, we now live in an Internet society. There is information that can only be found on the Internet. The fact is that the flow of time has become so fast that the most advanced information is often found on the Internet.
Of course, it is necessary to have the ability to determine whether or not the information is correct, but this does not mean that you should not quote information from the Internet. However, this does not mean that you should not quote information from the Internet. You can quote without worry.
It does not mean that you can make your thesis full of citations, but it is not a bad thing to cite the Internet.
Cite the papers on our site as references!
You are free to use the papers on this site. You can use it as a reference, or you can use it with some modifications.
In addition, the papers are our own original work. They are not full of quotations, but are proper papers.
You are welcome to download them from the list. You can also use them as citations.
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