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Can you make Disney your thesis?

For those who want to turn their favorite Disney into a thesis.

Can I use Disney as my thesis?
There are many people who want to make Disney their thesis. Is it my imagination that there are so many college students who love Disney?
But let's stop and think about this for a moment. Just because you love something doesn't mean that you should use it as your theme for your thesis.
Of course, it doesn't mean that Disney is wrong. But a thesis like "About Disney" is not a good thesis.
Let's stop and think about it again. What is an appropriate thesis for a fourth-year university student? What would it be?
Disney as a thesis!
If you choose to use Disney as your thesis, for example, you can use "Disney x Business Strategy" or "Disney x Halloween x Youth Consumer Behavior".
In other words, don't just focus on Disney as the main theme of your thesis, but have a theme and use Disney as an example of it.
In this way, a person who loves Disney will be recognized as having a good reason for writing his or her thesis on Disney.
Of course, whether or not a university professor would approve of it as a graduation thesis is another matter, and then there is the hurdle of whether or not the university would approve of it.
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