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10,000 characters for a thesis takes 5 minutes.

10,000 characters for a thesis is a lot of work

Surprisingly, 10,000 characters for a thesis is a lot of work. Many people spend the whole year of their senior year writing their thesis, and it is often between 10,000 and 20,000 characters.
The hardest part of the work is researching the literature, creating figures and tables, analyzing them, and drawing conclusions.
10,000 characters is enough to write a whole book.
In addition, references are not counted as characters. Even though it doesn't count as a word count, if you don't include references, it's plagiarism and a crime.
In other characters, even if you have 10,000 characters, the number of characters will increase if you include references and a table of contents. 10,000 characters is a lot of work...
But. There is a way to finish a 10,000 word thesis in 5 minutes.

Method 1: Copy and paste from previous research, wikipedia, etc.

Unless the topic of your thesis is very innovative, there are probably previous studies. You can also find texts on Wikipedia.
If you copy and paste the whole thing, you can fill up 10,000 characters in no time.
However, this is plagiarism, which is a crime. Do not divert or use without permission.
Also, if you copy and paste, you will soon be found out. University authorities are now strictly enforcing copy and paste checks.
It is better to assume that you cannot copy from Wikipedia or other sources in your thesis.

Method 2: Use this site

This site is a dissertation distribution site. There are not many sites that distribute papers.
You can use the papers freely. The papers are created independently by this site. We hope you will use our site.
This site is a service site to support busy College student. Please feel free to choose your favorite paper from the list and download it.
It may take you less than five minutes.
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