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What is the best number of references for a thesis?

How many references for a thesis?

What is the optimal number of references for a thesis?
Do you pay attention to the number of references in your thesis? If the number of references is too small, you may wonder if it is safe. How many books are good? How many books is a good number?
Universities tend to be concerned about the amount of references in books. There are many universities that require you to use paper-based materials as proper reference materials, not the Internet.
So, how many references should you cite and refer to in your thesis? This depends on the department and the research topic of your thesis, so it is difficult to say.
However, there is a certain number that can be used as a guideline. So, how many books should it be?
Some people have more than 100 reference books.
If the research theme of your thesis is broad and references are easily available, it is not strange to have more than 100 to 200 books. However, this is probably an extremely large number.
There are also extremely few examples, such as only 10 books. However, since this is a small number, you will probably be turned down by your professor.
It is said that the amount of books a student has to read in order to complete a thesis is approximately 30 to 70 books. In such a situation, 10 books is still too few. Also, some people count online literature as part of the thesis, but books are given priority at universities (online literature is not counted).
A thesis takes a whole year of your fourth year of college to complete. Although it is not completely proportional, the number of references in a thesis is still proportional to the time taken to complete it.
How to write a thesis and save time?
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